We want the OSP to become a platform for curricular exploration and research and are eager to support a wide range of secondary uses and users. However, we are not yet in a position to support some of the more common requests.  Notably:

  • We do not yet have an API for third party use.  This is high on our list of priorities for the coming year.
  • We do not have sample datasets for third-party experimentation, either with respect to metadata or underlying documents.  We plan to release full metadata and sample datasets in the next months.

There are, however, other important ways to get involved.

If you’re a developer with an interest in contributing to the OSP, drop us a line. We have a long list of ideas about how to make the OSP better, ranging from better entity extraction from our 1M+ document collection, to data visualization, to more systematic internet scraping and other core infrastructural work.  Python experience needed.

We are eager to create partnerships with universities and other organizations that can facilitate long-term access to large syllabus archives and, in the process, make the OSP more useful for institutional research.  If you’re a university administrator or librarian who would like to explore these possibilities, please get in touch.

If you’re a faculty member or instructor willing to share your personal collection of syllabi with the OSP, please read further here.

If you’re willing to support the project with a monetary donation, here’s how.