Open Syllabus Resources & Parallel Projects

SALSA, Utah State University
Project contact: George Joeckel

Salsa is an open-source syllabus authoring tool being developed at Utah State University’s Center for Innovative Design & Instruction. Building on the design of the PDF Syllabus Builder, this web-based application creates styled & accessible learning service agreements (SALSAs).

Salsa generates a unique and random hyperlink for each user. Users can save changes as they are working and use the hyperlink to return and make edits. When a Salsa is published, a new hyperlink is generated for an online “read-only” PDF. No email address or signup is required to use Salsa.


The University of Washington, Project Information Literacy
Project Information Literacy (PIL) is a public benefit nonprofit, working in partnership with the University of Washington’s Information School. We are dedicated to conducting an ongoing, large-scale research study about early adults and their research habits. We are currently collecting data from early adults enrolled in community colleges and public and private colleges and universities in the U.S.

Our goal is to understand how early adults conceptualize and operationalize research activities for course work and “everyday life” use and especially how they resolve issues of credibility, authority, relevance, and currency in the digital age.